Shopping 4 Whole Plant Based Foods

Services Now Available in Hunters Creek, Orlando Florida

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Grocery Shopping & More

While other services have fancy computer and smart-phone apps you have to deal with, WE provide a personal touch.  We want a relationship with our clients.  We will sit with you and help make out your grocery list.  Want to have a recurring order, we can handle that too!  We make it easy to keep your pantry stocked with our personal inventory services.

Have favorite products? Want only organic? We can accommodate you!  Vegan only? Yep, we are experts with providing Plant Based (Vegan) items for your refrigerator, freezer and pantry.  NO GMO, yep we do that too!  We use the latest technology to scan/examine nutritional content of products to better advise you on the best nutrition for You and your family.

So you want to eat healthier? Maybe you took one of our Lifestyl Classes but still not sure of what to buy or where to shop?  Not sure if this or that is really good for you?

There are more more unhealthy options invading the isles of your local grocery store.  Maybe you are on a budget and want to spend your money the best and most healthy way?  It can be done!

A Plant-Based Lifestyle can be a lot cheaper on your grocery budget than you might think! Organic sure, it is more expensive but with the money you save on your Plant-Based diet, you can afford more organics.

We can help you identify the best place to buy your fresh whole foods; much of it organic and LESS expensive than your local supermarket.

We have found the most amazing places to get healthy food.  Spices, condiments, bulk foods and more.  All cheaper than your typical grocery store.  We have shopped all across the USA so it's not only in Orlando, we have found wonderful stores across the USA on our Plant Based Road Trips.

Based in Orlando, we can take you shopping and show you where to shop, what to buy and how to save bundles of money; all the while eating a healthier more DELICIOUS cuisine!

Not near Orlando, that's ok too!  We can coach you through your selections when you are shopping and help you with smart phone apps that will better inform you what is best to purchase!