The Shopping Adventure
Where will you go? Well that depends!

Depending on where you live and how you typically shop, you may visit both your local grocery store and then experience some specialty stores.  Love to cook, how about exploring a Chef Supply Store?  If you prefer Oriental, Mexican or Italian cuisine, then there are shops that specialize in that too.  Indian food offers a special blend of flavors you may never have experienced.  Why not join Nancy at one of her favorite Indian Restaurants for a buffet lunch then run across the street to explore the Indian Grocery!

There are so many wonderful places to shop!  After a short discussion, you can plan your customized adventure with Chef Nancy.

Want to prepare a special meal for friends or family?  Let Chef Nancy take you on a supply run to get the best ingredients possible.

All you have to do is ask!  We are here to help with your shopping and learning experience.

It's FUN too!
Where To Shop?

You know, it doesn't much matter where you shop. Get the best deals you can.  There are so many unique places to buy delicious and nutritions Whole Foods besides your local grocery store!  The key thing to always remember is to Read The Label!

When you begin to live a Plant-Based Lifestyle, everything changes.   You entire body will begin to renew itself! Your taste buds are replaced in about 10 days and you will experience a variety of flavors you never imagined.  The cuisine is delicious and so varied you can eat an entire year or five without ever, ever using the same recipe!  Yea, it's true.  

Don't believe us?  Check out Chef Nancy's Pinterest for well over 20,000 delicious Plant-Based meals!

If you have taken or plan to take one of our Lifestyle Classes, you will learn of all the spices, condiments and flavor enhancers that are all part of Plant Based Cuisine!

Check your local stores.  Search for Indian Stores; they have an abundance of wondrous spices, rices, legumes and more.  Usually MUCH cheaper than your local large chain grocery store.

Check out the Oriental shops (both Chinese and Japanese, Thai and more).  They have, what may be, totally unknown but delicious items you will want to explore. Cheaper too than you might think!

We can take you on a journey of exploration you will never forget and you will continue on your own for the rest of your life.  No matter where you live, there are places to shop.  Never depend on only your chain store grocer; they are in it for volume and money; not your health & wellness.

You need a plan, a strategy BEFORE you enter a traditional grocery store.  Oh yes, we all shop at the regular conveniently located grocery for all sorts of things.  We at Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living can direct you to wonderful places for excellent healthy foods, spices, condiments and more, but you will always be faced with going to the most convenient store around the corner for something.

Fees and Billing

You will be billed $75.00 per hour plus expenses for your adventure.  You control the cost by how much shopping you can handle!  Trust us, Chef Nancy can go all day; nonstop!

Terms are all fees are payable upon completion of your adventure.  Because this is an 'out of office' service, check or cash is preferred.
Call to Set up Your Next Shopping Adventure!

If you are a past client or student we offer a 20% Discount!